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I remember standing in long queues in front of temples that we visited in far off states during our vacations. Those were not the days of being glued up to gadgets and phones. In fact, it was just us and ahead and behind us were families. They were the ones with different clothes, cultures, and languages too. We shared our stories and lives with each other. Kids became friends for that queue or in that temple journey. The next city, the next temple queue gave us the opportunity to make new friends.

Undoubtedly, those waits were memorable. Another aspect that is still afresh is the stories that Mom used to tell as we waited in those endless queues. Stories associated with the towns and the temples. They were interesting filled with twists and turns. Some got lost in the memory, some I recall faintly. And I am certain that those were no different than some of the craziest and remarkable ones that I happen to read. Wondering if God was such an amazing author too. I remember standing in line after an arduous trek to Kedarnath. It was freezing cold and we kids were paranoid. That’s when dad told us that the way we played hide and seek, Gods also did. Then he narrated the story that Lord Shiva turned himself into Bull and went inside the earth to hide from the Pandavas. Bhim caught his hump there and Kedarnath temple was built. We were amazed, God turning into a bull and playing hide and seek. I mean Woah, my games have been loved by God’s too!

Well, visits like these did make me grow up believing that there are stories everywhere. With every person, place, journey, and incident there are stories associated. These are the miraculous tales transcended across generations for thousands of years. Some have been documented, some shared by localities, or passed across cultures. But some are even lost.

Through Hello Prabhu we bring to you stories that have been preserved with beliefs and spirituality. The stories that have inspired generations and conserved faith in each one of us. Hello Prabhu also brings the information of temples all across India to help you reach the remarkable destinations where these stories have actually emerged.

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